So, I finally clicked that little button that says “Publish” on Amazon (I know, it’s earlier than I said). Those of you who have already done this probably know how excited (and nervous) I am. It’s quite a rush! Of course it’s a slightly muted rush since it takes a while to actually be up and available on the site. It’s still pretty exciting though!

Providing everything is approved on schedule, it should be up sometime in the middle of the night (I planned that well didn’t I? Fail). Hopefully it will be up tomorrow (fingers crossed!). If it is, first thing in the morning I will make a new post and link to it (and probably act like a  fool) so any of you who are so inclined can find it easily. 

Either way, I appreciate the amount of support you’ve all given me and look forward to going on this journey with you. The number of people who come here every day is mind-boggling to me and I am thankful for every one of you.

It’s Teaser Time Again!

Today we’re a bit further into the book, and I’m dropping you into the middle of a… conversation… between Chance and Alex. I wonder what she did?

“No. I’m not finished. You’re going to let me finish, Alex, because I haven’t made a single decision since you got here without consulting you or thinking about how it affects you and Cadan. Because we’re friends, because I value your opinion, because I’d never do anything that would make you feel like you don’t matter. I’ve been so careful, but now you’ve gone and made this huge decision that changes my life, to do what’s best for me, and you never even thought to ask me. So now you’re going to listen.” He’s come closer and closer, and he’s too close now. I can’t breathe.

“You do all the things I said, and so much more, Alex. You make me want to come home. Do you know I hated this house before you got here? I couldn’t figure out what the hell I was thinking, buying this big ass house, when all it did was give me more space to be alone in. I hated coming home. Now I count the hours, the minutes, until I can come home to you. You make me laugh, you make me hurt, you make me be me again. Or at least a version of me I actually like.” He rubs his hands over his face, frustration, pain, and hurt so evident on his face tears well in my eyes and I have to fight to keep them from falling.

“I’m sor-“

“Dammit, Alex, don’t say you’re sorry. I fucked this up the other night, but I’m going to say it all now, whether you hate me for it or not.” He takes another step forward and my back is literally against the wall.

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Another Teaser!

It’s time to throw out another teaser from my book, Courage.

      “Hello?” I sound breathless. Why do I sound breathless?

“Hi. I’m looking for Alex Bowers?” the smooth male voice on the other end says. He doesn’t sound breathless. He sounds confident. Relaxed even. And I hate him for it.

“This is Alex.” I try for snooty, because two can play the confidence game, but it sounds like I’m terrified instead. Apparently I’m not one of the two that can play. Dammit.

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I’ve decided to throw out a teaser from my book, Courage.

     The door slams and I am immediately awake. My heart skips as I struggle to control my breathing. In, two, three, four, I count in my head. Out, two, three, four. Slow. Steady. The thunk,thunk of boots on carpet reaches the door and I continue to count each breath to be sure it remains even. I concentrate hard on all of my muscles, starting at my face and working my way down to my toes, to be sure that I appear to be asleep. I am relaxed, two, three, four. Calm, two, three, four.

His breath sounds labored and uneven as he enters the room, and I know his sea green eyes are boring into me. I force the fear down into the darkest parts of my mind. He shifts suddenly and, somehow, I manage to keep my trembling internal, where it can’t be seen.


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