I Haz a Thief Cat


I’d like to introduce you all to Trigger the Troubling Thief Cat. What is a Thief Cat, you ask? We’ll get to that. I promise.

First though, I have to explain who Trigger is. He was a sad little SPCA cat named Chaplin. When hubby picked him up on Black Friday, and he nuzzled into him like a warm, fuzzy barnacle, we just had to bring him home. Who wouldn’t? I mean, look at him. Isn’t he sweet? If you said no you have to look again. Maybe from an angle?

Anyway, he’s a sweetie. We brought him home and figured he’d need a few days to adjust.


We thought he’d be afraid of our dogs, a two hundred and thirty pound Great Pyrenees and an ..ahem.. chubby Golden Retriever.


The kids running around and making noise as children do?


What we never imagined was that he would be a thief.

The first time he stole, it was an entire slice of pizza. He took it off the counter, still hot, when hubby turned away for a moment. He took off through the house like a rocket, and by the time we caught up to him upstairs, he’d already scarfed down half of it.

We (mostly) broke him of getting on the counters, and were more careful.

Then he stole one of my daughter’s barbies. She was playing with it, but apparently he wanted to play with it more. We took it back and laughed at foolish little Chaplin.

We didn’t realize how serious his affliction was until I decided to wash his bed. Now, his bed lives under a bench in our foyer, as he seemed to like it there. I found out why. His bed has a cushion that is removable and when I removed it, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! An array of hijacked treasures, that frankly, make no sense for a cat.

A hair tie.

A spoon.

A fork.

An empty pudding cup.

A necklace.

A Polly Pocket doll.

Even a partially eaten chunk of ham (yeah, that was disturbing).

It was clear he was far more stealthy than we had given him credit for. And he desired very odd things, for a cat. Possibly for anyone. We knew he had been a stray, and it makes me wonder where his stash is now. I’m sure he had one. He is endlessly entertaining and incredibly resourceful. Take his hiding spot away? He’ll find another. Take something from him before he can get it there? He’ll take two more for spite.

He’s fast as lightening and very hard to keep up with. Last night he stole a pen from right next to my hand, and it took fifteen minutes to find where he’d stashed it. (Behind the toy box in the playroom, if you’re wondering.)

When he’s not stealing he has many other things he likes to do, and he’s quite entertaining.

So – I’ve decided to start the Thief Cat Chronicles. Once a week we’ll see what he’s been up to, what he’s been stealing, what trouble he’s been getting into. He definitely likes his trouble. I hope you’ll follow along, and share some stories of what your crazy animals do. I look forward to hearing about your furbabies!


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