I’ve decided to throw out a teaser from my book, Courage.

     The door slams and I am immediately awake. My heart skips as I struggle to control my breathing. In, two, three, four, I count in my head. Out, two, three, four. Slow. Steady. The thunk,thunk of boots on carpet reaches the door and I continue to count each breath to be sure it remains even. I concentrate hard on all of my muscles, starting at my face and working my way down to my toes, to be sure that I appear to be asleep. I am relaxed, two, three, four. Calm, two, three, four.

His breath sounds labored and uneven as he enters the room, and I know his sea green eyes are boring into me. I force the fear down into the darkest parts of my mind. He shifts suddenly and, somehow, I manage to keep my trembling internal, where it can’t be seen.


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