In honor of my son’s birthday, I’ve decided to give COURAGE away today. I think it’s the perfect occasion for it. I wasn’t going to make a post about it since I will advertise throughout the day on Twitter, but a lot of you don’t follow me on Twitter and I would feel terrible if you wanted it and missed out.

This will be for today only and after today it goes back up to regular price, so don’t wait!

For those of you that are thinking I’m an out of touch, evil, cruel mother – No, this isn’t his birthday present. He’s twelve and he doesn’t want a romance novel (why would he?). He’s getting something really awesome that he’s been wanting and doesn’t think he’s going to get. 🙂

I’ll be back later to do Thief Cat Chronicles (you thought I forgot, didn’t you?).

Have a beautiful day, people!


New Review Wednesday

I’ve decided to do something a little different. Today I am going to scour Amazon for a book (I know, not that exciting, just keep your pants on). I don’t know what book, but I’ll know it when I see it. What I’m looking for is a hidden gem. Some book that looks fantastic, but has no reviews. Then I’m going to get it, read it, and let you all know how it went. 

I will then leave a review for the book on Amazon and Goodreads. This will be interesting, for me anyway, because I never intended for this to be a review blog, yet here I am, about to review things.

The reason for this is that I believe there are some great authors out there who just aren’t getting exposure, so I’m going to attempt to fix this. Hopefully I will actually succeed. Either way, the reviews will be honest (for better or worse). I hope that you’ll join me, and maybe we can give someone a much needed leg up 🙂 

Tomorrow we will be doing Thief Cat Chronicles! See you then.

Happy Monday!

Well, maybe not happy, but it’s Monday anyway.

Since it’s Monday, I have to tell you something you don’t know about me today. We had a deal, right? So, here goes.

I’m afraid of spiders. All of them. I know I shouldn’t be, unless it’s some kind of crazy jumping spider on crack or steroids (OMG!) but I can’t help it. They’re everywhere, and half the time (maybe more often than that) you don’t even realize it. They’re above your head, under the couch, on the porch with a web ACROSS THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CHAIR!

They’re also hairy and have weird little beady eyes. Some of them, when you try to go around them, spin their little exoskeleton covered bodies to follow you. Like they’re ready for war or something. And really, when you think about that, isn’t it terrifying? You’re the Jolly Green Giant and they’re the size of a pea (or strawberry – ACK!) and they’re still totally willing to take you on. No matter that you could step on them and crush them, suck them into a vacuum, poke them with a stick or dump molasses on them to drown them (okay, no one’s doing that, it was far-fetched. I know). The point is, it would be so EASY for you to squash them like the little bug they are – and they don’t care.

They think they have a shot at beating you, kicking your ass, or at least making your hand swell up like a softball  (I’ve seen pics, it’s true) and they’ll risk that they might get stomped. Doesn’t that make you just a teensy bit nervous?

It’s like that kid in middle school that was three foot nothing, but had those crazy-assed eyes. You didn’t *think* he could hurt you, but he might’ve been carrying ether and a roll of duct tape in that backpack and you left him alone. It’s the possibility that’s terrifying.

My friend (a big, scary-looking guy) tried to tell me earlier today how valuable they are, that they eat the BAD bugs, and that I would be a walking blood donor for mosquitoes if they weren’t here. And maybe I would be, but I’m not afraid of mosquitoes so I don’t really give a rat’s furry ass about that. I mean I appreciate what spider’s do, I just want them to do it out of sight. It’s not that much to ask.

Luckily, I have a fearless, crazy, hypersensitive-to-anything-that-moves cat, so he takes care of them for me most of the time. Thank goodness for Thief Cat!

Courage… has arrived!

Couragecover (5)

And now that I’m done bouncing around like a crazy person (dogs and Thief Cat are clearly worried for their future!) I can tell you about it.

I know I said I’d let you know first thing this morning, but it wasn’t ready yet. Now that it is (and I’m done dancing around), you can just click the picture up there and it will take you to it!

It is up on all Amazon sites, as far as I can tell, but if anyone is having trouble finding it please let me know. You’ve all been incredibly awesome and supportive and I thank you.

And now, back to your regular programming 😛



So, I finally clicked that little button that says “Publish” on Amazon (I know, it’s earlier than I said). Those of you who have already done this probably know how excited (and nervous) I am. It’s quite a rush! Of course it’s a slightly muted rush since it takes a while to actually be up and available on the site. It’s still pretty exciting though!

Providing everything is approved on schedule, it should be up sometime in the middle of the night (I planned that well didn’t I? Fail). Hopefully it will be up tomorrow (fingers crossed!). If it is, first thing in the morning I will make a new post and link to it (and probably act like a  fool) so any of you who are so inclined can find it easily. 

Either way, I appreciate the amount of support you’ve all given me and look forward to going on this journey with you. The number of people who come here every day is mind-boggling to me and I am thankful for every one of you.

Better Late Than Never

I was supposed to tell you something you don’t know about me on Monday. With the Boston Marathon bombing, I couldn’t do that, so I’m doing it today.

Last Monday we discussed my past life working with animals and today I thought we’d talk about one of my hobbies. I knit. And crochet. Sound weird? Are you suddenly picturing me as an elderly woman in a bathrobe? I hope not, but that seems to be the general response I get. People wonder (aloud) how my life could possibly be so boring that I’ve resorted to working with yarn *shudder*.

So, I’ll put it out there for everyone. My life is not THAT boring. I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, a crazy cat, and a (slightly less crazy than the cat) hubby. I have cleaning to do, books to write, episodes of NCIS to watch. We go places, we do things. Honest.

Sometimes I just want to make a blanket for my kids. Often, my children and hubby are begging me for another pair of hand-knitted socks. I’ve found that it’s a relaxing pastime, one that has the added benefits of keeping my hands and fingers limber so I can write more, and I get to have something usable when I’m done. I even have an account on Ravelry, which if you’ve never been there, you should go. There are so many amazing patterns available it will make you wish you could knit. Trust me, it happened to me (though I admit my sister had been harassing me for years). The community there is incredibly helpful and there are even a lot of things that can be bought there. It’s a fantastic place (even if you don’t like playing with yarn – yet).

It’s not as ridiculous as it will sound to some of you. And I could definitely buy some, or impose upon my sister (who knits incredibly beautiful things) to knit something for me. And I might even get it within the next two years (she’s that busy). But there’s nothing so rewarding to me as doing it myself (and I honestly don’t believe I’d be able to type for as long as I do in one sitting without it). The satisfaction I feel when I bind off a knitting or crochet project is almost as good as writing the words THE END when I’m finished a book. They’re more similar than you think.

Boston Marathon Tragedy

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was there, and who had loved ones there. I can’t imagine what it must feel like, not knowing if your loved ones are safe. I hope that everyone will take a moment to pray for everyone affected, and keep them in your thoughts.

As Americans, we must all stick together and support each other through these trying times.  It is heartbreaking to have so many innocent people injured in an event that had nothing to do with them. The war on terror is happening right here at home, and we all have to stand together.

Gone are the days when we could go to concerts, festivals, or anywhere else and not think about what might happen. At least it has for me. I worry every time I send my children off to school, I worry when I go to sleep at night, and I worry when we go out. And that’s not to say that I’m some nutcase worry wart and this has taken over my life, because it certainly hasn’t. But if the kids are late getting home, or I hear a lot of sirens at night, or some guy seems nervous and twitchy in a public place? Yeah, it crosses my mind.

This is an epidemic affecting all of us, and while I am the first to admit I really have no idea what to do about it or how to fix it, I wish someone could give me a reassurance I could hold onto. I wish our government would come up with a plan that I could really stand behind, because so far they haven’t.

I won’t turn this into a tirade about gun laws, the national debt, or immigration, because those opinions are my own and don’t have any place here. I just miss the days when kids were able to play outside and our parents didn’t run out the door every time someone pulled over to take a call on their cellphone. When adults didn’t run into schools and mass murder innocent children. When people in the Boston Marathon just ran, and didn’t have to worry about their career, or their life, ending on the finish line.

I am so sorry for the losses that we all, as a country, lost today, and I hope someone stands up and finds us some real solutions so we won’t lose any more.

This is in no way meant to be any type of political statement, but I could not keep my usual blog schedule with this tragedy occurring today. I hope you can join me in my prayers for everyone affected, and I will try to resume my normal schedule tomorrow.